Great name game

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Here's a fun get-to-know-you name game. With children sitting in a circle, introduce the following chant:

All: Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee
Who can say their name for me? (point to a child)

Child: (Robin)

Adult: Let's all say it.
All: Rob-in

Adult: Let's clap and say it.
All: Rob-in (clap-clap with syllables)

Adult: Let's whisper it.
All: Rob-in (softly)

Adult: Let's turn off our voices and clap it. (click tongue and pretend to lock lips with a key)
All: (clap-clap)

Repeat the chorus, Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee. Who can say their name for me? Point to another child who then says their name. Game continues until every child has had a turn.

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