Music, Movement & Creative Activities for Circle Time

Giggle and Wiggles


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Join in this hands-on, participatory workshop demonstrating a variety of techniques and props for presenting music, movement, rhythm instruments, songs, fingerplays, name games, stories, puppets, and creative activities. Have fun, get inspired, and take home lots of new ideas to make your group time more enjoyable and active for all children.


  • Create developmentally appropriate curriculum in music and movement for young children.
  • Learn how to use a variety of techniques for presenting musical experiences, movement and creative activities.
  • Understand and identify what children are learning through the activities conducted at circle time.
  • Incorporate culturally diverse music, instruments, and styles into the curriculum.

I will describe the benefits of group time and give tips for conducting a successful circle time. Attendees will learn how to select and be prepared with high interest activities -- Attention Getters, Hello Songs, Get To Know You Name Games, Musical Instruments, Fingerplays, Relaxation Exercises, Movement and Action Songs, Body Part Chants and Rhymes, Story Dramatizations, and Transitional Techniques -- appropriate to the group's age, experience and development.

Circle Time, Group Time, Rug Time, Meeting Time, Gathering Time...any time that children come together for activities that include everyone. It's a special time to share songs, fingerplays, rhythms, rhymes, movement games, creative activities, stories, or whatever else that a particular day may bring. Circle Time provides for a listening time, a time to develop attention span, promote oral communication, and a time for learning new concepts and skills. It's a time for auditory memory, sensory experiences, socialization, and a time for FUN! Circle Time can be a complex, dynamic interaction among adults, children and resources used.

AUDIO/VISUAL:Power for iPod and speaker system
Wireless lavaliere microphone (if large group)

FORMAT: Lecture/ Demonstration/ Active Involvement/ Movement