Individual Theme Parties for Children

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Attention Teachers and Educators! Are you always on the lookout for some creative and original ideas to use with children? The activities found in these parties are not just for birthday parties! They are also a "treasure trove" of great integrated curriculum ideas sharing art, group time, and movement activities that any teacher or caregiver can use in the classroom. Check it out!

In addition to the 7 theme parties listed in That was the...BEST PARTY EVER! How to give birthday parties kids will never forget! Sharron has listed many more theme parties to make any desired party spectacular. Upon completing your purchase the party you selected will be sent to you via email in a PDF format, ready to use! All parties: $4.00 each plus tax

Upon purchase through PayPal, your confirmation will include a link to download the pdf. If ordering more than one party, we will send an email with links to download each pdf.

Parties For Children Ages 4 to 8

Puppy Party

Backyard Beach Party*

Greatest Show on Earth Circus Party

Diggin' on Bugs Party

Dinosaur Party

Fashion Doll Tea Party

Grand Prix Race Car Party

Jungle Safari Party

Pirate Party

Prince and Princess Party*

Super Hero and Heroine Party

Teddy Bear Party*

Wild West Party


Parties For Children Ages 6 to 10

Space Adventure Party

Backyard Campout Party

Hawaiian Party

Play Soldier Party

Crazy Upside Down Backwards Party


Parties for Children Ages 8 to 12

Citywide Scavenger Hunt Party*

Rock N' Roll Glitter Party*

Silly Stunts Party

Silly Slimy Yucky Mucky Party (Ages 4 to 12)*

Super Daring Obstacle Course (Ages 4 to 12)*


Seasonal Party Favorites

Valentines Day Party (Ages 4 to 8)

Halloween Party (Ages 4 to 8))

Reindeer Brunch Party (Ages 4 to 8))


*Included in Party Book
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