The Connection Between the Body and the Brain

Playing to Learn

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Brain research reinforces what children instinctively know: "playing makes me smart for school." What children do physically plays a major part in how well they will develop all other abilities, including reading, writing, mathematics and creativity. Discover how the brain works, what affects brain development, and how children learn best. Most importantly, be able to articulate the connection between playing and learning!


  • Understand the importance of play as a means of learning.
  • Become literate in the general structure and function of the brain.
  • Create an environment that is more compatible with how the brain functions.
  • Learn and apply latest thinking on brain development and its connection to movement and physical activity.

Attendees will be provided with information about the stages of brain development. They will learn how to use activities and strategies such a music, movement, relaxation, exercise and nutrition to assist children in the development of their brain potential. Participants will actively engage in experiences that are developmentally appropriate for young children and thus integrate theory into practical reality of how the body teaches the brain.

Children naturally and instinctively do the things they need to do to get their brains ready for learning through the process of play. When children are engaged in physical activities, research conclusively indicates that the cognitive domains of the brain are automatically stimulated. It is essential that we take advantage of this information so we can provide for the development of the mind as well as the body of the learner. Understanding the stages of brain development enables us to create enriched environments that will promote optimal learning experiences. Knowing how the brain develops will help us implement curriculum in ways that make learning meaningful.

AUDIO/VISUAL: Overhead Projector for Transparencies/Screen
Power for iPod and speaker system
Wireless lavaliere microphone (if large group)

FORMAT: Lecture/ Demonstration/ Involvement